Lea Wait

Shadows on the Ivy
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Simon & Schuster
Pocket Books
ISBN 0743475585
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Somerset County College may not be Ivy League, but it is dedicated to its students, and proud of its new dormitory for single parents. When two of those students are poisoned in the third Shadows Mystery, American Studies professor and antique print dealer Maggie Summer sets out to uncover the truth beneath layers of academic intrigue. Who are these single parents? Why did the new wife of a college benefactor go to such lengths to establish the new dormitory? Was her husband too involved with the young single mothers? What about the others – the history professor hired because of someone – or some thing – he knew? The college president who would really do anything to protect his school’s reputation? The answers could lie in the antique prints Maggie sells and uses in class to illustrate myths in American history. And while she's torn between her own needs and those of her students, this time the most important discoveries she makes are about herself.

- Mystery Guild selection

Maine Sunday Telegram: “If you like mysteries served up with gentility rather than gore, Lea Wait has a new book for you … Wait has a durable heroine in Maggie Summer .. Summer may yet become a new Miss Marple for a new time.”

New York Times: “Maggie’s …. lectures on the racist imagery of 19th century prints are hot stuff. Wait, who runs an antique print business of her own, not only loves her field, she also makes it fresh and relevant.”

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