Lea Wait

Shadows on a Morning in Maine
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Maggie Summer is making big changes in her life. The antique print dealer has taken a sabbatical and moved to Maine to run an antiques mall with Will Brewer, her significant other. And she will finally adopt the daughter she’s been longing for. However, the troubled girl doesn’t want any part of the plan, showing affection only for the harbor seals, which remind her of her “real mother.” But someone starts shooting the seals–and a young fisherman is murdered. Then Will confesses a secret from his past, and Maggie begins to wonder if this is the biggest mistake of her life.

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“Wait tackles the topic of adoption with empathy and nuance ...a vivid picture of life in coastal Maine.” -Publishers Weekly

“Wait writes at her strongest and best in this engrossing page-turner .... as Wait ties together all the issues confronting Maggie and her growing `family of choice’ she also shows the choices that lead to both solving the crime and working out the dilemmas of love and community ... with quintessential Maine flavor.” –Beth Kanell, Kingdom Books

Questions and Topics for Discussion

Maggie has wanted to adopt a child for at least two years now. She’s met many adoptive parents and their children, attended adoption classes, and has read about older child adoption. Do you think she’s prepared to be Brook’s mother? Would you consider adopting an older child? Why or why not?

Several young people in Weymouth are major characters in Shadows on a Morning in Maine. They’ve grown up together, and they know each other, and each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Did you feel their relationships were realistic? 

We learn more about Nick’s background in Shadows on a Morning in Maine. Should he feel guilty about his father’s death? Do you think he’ll ever throw out the boots in his closet?
Have you ever been to an antiques mall? How successful to you think Maggie and Will will be at running theirs? Will is caring for Aunt Nettie, and Maggie for Brook. Will they be able to manage their new realities?

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