Lea Wait

Shadows of a Down East Summer
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Perseverance Press
John Daniel & Company
ISBN 9781564744975
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The fifth in the Shadows Antique Print Mystery Series returns antique print dealer Maggie Summer to Weymouth, Maine, this time to stay with beau Will Brewer and his 91-year old Aunt Nettie. Maggie’s hoping for antique-filled days and romantic nights, but fate and Aunt Nettie have other plans. In the summer of 1890 two young Weymouth women posed for Winslow Homer in Prouts Neck, Maine. What happened that summer, the secrets the women kept, and the lies they told, changed their families forever. Now, over a hundred years later, Maggie finds herself the owner of the diary one of them kept – and the key to the murder of one of their descendants. Her Maine vacation becomes a desperate search to discover which family myths are based on reality before someone she cares about – or even Maggie herself – becomes the next victim.

Publishers Weekly: “Wait’s engaging fifth Antique Print Mystery takes antique print dealer Maggie Summer to fictional Waymouth, Maine … Wait does an excellent job depicting small town Maine and recreating 19th century journal entries.”

Historical Novel Review: “This skillfully drawn multi-period mystery blends present-day crime with scenes from 1890, a year when painter Winslow Homer was living and creating his masterworks along the picturesque Maine coast … the jealous rivalries present in both timelines demonstrate that human nature hasn’t changed much. Recommended.”


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