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Discussion Guide: Shadows at the Spring Show
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Author’s Note:

Shadows at the Spring Show is set in early May; almost a year has passed since the events in Shadows at the Fair. I wanted to pull together both of Maggie’s identities in this book by having her run an antiques show at Somerset Community College. Dealers who appeared in Shadows at the Fair are back, exhibiting at this new antiques show, but some of Maggie’s colleagues and students at the college also have important roles in this 4th of the Shadows series. Maggie, who has not yet decided whether she will adopt a child herself, also adds adoptive parents and prospective parents to the cast of characters. The center of this book is an antiques show, as it was in Shadows at the Fair, but this time the focus is the background of the show itself, and how a show is organized. Of course, as in each of the Shadows books, Maggie not only solves a crime, but learns a little about herself, and takes another step in the direction of whatever her personal future will be.

Questions and Topics for Discussion:

How do the prints described at the beginning of the chapters of this book relate to its theme? To the specific chapters?

In Shadows at the Spring Show there is a lot of talk about multi-racial families, both adoptive and biological. Was there too much? Was it necessary to the plot, or distracting? Was there too much emphasis on this aspect of adoption?

If you had to make a similar decision, having received strange threats, would you have cancelled the antique show? Do you think the adoption agency and college made the right decision?

The histories of the three young men who helped out at the antiques show – Hal, Eric, and Abdullah – were different, but all involved non-traditional families, and violence of one sort or another. How did their backgrounds influence their behavior? What do you think their futures will bring?

From what you read in Shadows at the Spring Show, do you think an adoption agency should place a child with a prospective parent like Ann?

With all she knows now, do you think Maggie will choose to adopt?

How did the events of 9/11 influence the events in Shadows at the Spring Show? Has 9/11 changed the way Americans view some types of violence and threats?


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